13 Oct

With today marking the start of National Chocolate Week, it’s a great excuse for me to talk about my chocolate! It’s also an ideal time to encourage you to start thinking about the C word…… ‘CHRISTMAS’, especially in the corporate world.

Impress your clients & staff during the festive period…..Fantastic for a promotional campaign, cost-effective & delicious, Chocolate at Christmas is hugely popular & a great way to connect with your target audience.  A little bit of chocolate can create a lasting impact on a customer’s impression of your business.

I do love it when people think a bit differently with my chocolate bars & with that in mind there are endless possibilities for marketing opportunities. Whether that be something that I help to create, or something your in-house artworkers design & I then produce…….the finished products are sure to get people talking & help YOUR gift stand out from the crowd.

Branded chocolate bars are an ideal way of communicating with existing or potential clients, & an innovative way of getting your message across.  I’ve helped loads of different business with promotional business gifts, staff incentives, product launches, exhibitions, invitations, conferences, office parties, chocolate christmas cards, recruitment campaigns, & competitions to name a few!

With the majority of my work being bespoke, it’s all about creating something JUST FOR YOU!

There’s no minimum orders, no additional artworking charges, & no VAT to add.  Lots of ideas & info to share, so please get in touch & let’s get started. Prices start from £1.85/bar.

Corporate Chocolate Images



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