It’s our 10th Wedding Anniversary!

3 May

Wedding 10yr photos

They say that ‘getting married’, ‘starting a new business’ & ‘moving house’ are among the most stressful events you will experience in life. For those of you that know me, it won’t surprise you to hear that I decided to do all of the above in the space of 5months……….back in 2003.

Today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary & it’s a time for both reflection & celebration. Not saying the last 10 years have been easy (by any stretch of the imagination), but I do think it’s a milestone that we should be proud of. Just looking back through our wedding album has reminded me how many of our friends are no longer together. A heck of a lot can happen in 10 years.

So who knew that when I attended my cousin’s wedding day back in 2000, down in Torquay, I would be sat next to the man I would marry …. We will always be grateful for the introduction & each year on their Wedding Anniversary I send a card saying ‘Without the two of you…. there wouldn’t be the four of us’. My cousins (The Groom & Best Man) apparently engineered the seating plan & we didn’t stop talking the entire time.

The evening entertainment got better when two ‘idiots’ started flaunting themselves on the dancefloor & removing their shirts to ‘Right Said Fred’s I’m too sexy’……….Yes you’ve guessed it, he was one of those two!  So ignoring such silly behaviour;  my sister & I hit the floor when Ricky Martin was blaring………only to find moments later there he was dancing with his arms around me & asking why I hadn’t come to his rescue!

So back to 10years ago today…… Not everything goes to plan; & I thought I’d share some of the bits from our wedding that luckily I can now laugh about:

A stupidly rushed morning (thanks to my make-up lady turning up over 90mins late & throwing the entire days timings out of the window)

Lots of nervousness in the church when I was consequently 45minutes late!

My bouquet was bigger than me, weighed an absolute ton & started falling apart before I made it into the church. No real surprise to find that my florist had gone bust & disappeared the week after our wedding!

My Mother-in-Law saying to my Dad (just as he stands to make his Father of the Bride speech),  ‘Do you think they’re doing the right thing?’ She was meaning about the house move, new business & wedding all happening at once, but talk about picking your moments!

Above all, the moments that still make me smile & I will remember forever:

Walking down the aisle to see my husband say ‘Wow!…….. You look gorgeous’

My Mum & Dad remembering that as a kid I had always dreamed of fireworks at my wedding; so they organised the most incredible display for us as a surprise. Magic!

And of course seeing the re-enactment of ‘Right Said Fred – I’m too sexy’, but this time a solo performance following our first dance!

We then left at 4am to catch a plane to Antigua for an amazing holiday but felt a little jinxed as Tegs came down with tonsillitis & our camera ‘malfunctionned’ meaning we only have 2 blurred pictures of our honeymoon.

Now that I work in the wedding industry & know so many talented people, I wish I could do it all again!

Thinking about the past decade…..With a couple of career changes, house moves, & finally 2 beautiful kids later the one constant throughout has been ‘US’, but with the demands of our life today …’s a very different relationship to that of newlywed Bride & Groom. Above all we’ve learned that one of the most important things in marriage is that you grow together; it’s an adventure that you undertake together & you share all the good times as well as face all of the challenges together.

So to mark this very special occasion, we are jetting off for a second honeymoon & will be enjoying some ‘well-deserved’ time for US.  We’re incredibly lucky to have Mum & Dad 10mins away; so kids are off to Grandparents for a week & we’re off to Las Vegas!

Wahooooooo!!!   Can you tell I’m just a teeny bit excited?!!

PS. Please forgive the quality of the images; photos of photos.  No digital photos back in our day ~ how old do I feel?!


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