NEW! Typography wrappers

24 Apr

Typography blog images

These block lettering personalised bars are a great idea for numerous occasions.  Whether you are looking for a personalised party favour for a kid’s birthday, or place settings for a wedding or any other celebration….these are fab & of course taste delicious too.

Available in ANY combination of colours, they are stylishly simple while packing a punch! 

The front of the bar can say whatever you want it to………… the back of the bar as always is where I write your ‘thank you’ message, with or without a photo……. exactly what it says is up to you.

If you’re planning a ‘Rainbow’ themed wedding/party then you could have a Red table, an Orange table, a Yellow table………. or each place setting could be a different colour.  You can see where I’m going with this………the possibilities are endless!

£1.75/bar for ‘standard’ party favours      £2.00/bar if individually personalised with your guests’ names.   Dress to impress with a cellophane sleeve £0.15/bar extra.

Now all you need is to organise a party 🙂


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